Black History Month

Every year we celebrate Black History Month. Our focus is on "K" (Knowledge) of Black and African culture and heritage.

Through interactive videos, poetry, art, and dance, we celebrate the history, richness, diversity, and resilience of Black and African Culture. Knowledge and Black History means ENLIGHTENMENT. Fostering the importance of the ongoing work that is needed to ensure that African people in every society are afforded equal rights, opportunities, and are treated with respect and dignity. We focus on the importance of strengthening allies in the Black community. The understanding that Black history is one that needs to be celebrated and represented 365 days a year! This year BGC East Scarborough is "Repping Black history Month 365" .

Black History Month (BHM) 2023!

In 2019 we as club decided that for the next 5 years our theme will be focused on the letter from the word Black. We kicked off 2019 with "B" (Be boundless); 2020 we focused on the "L" (Leadership), 2021 "A" (Awareness), last year “C” (Celebration) and this year “K” Knowledge:

Repping 365 is the notion that Black History is every day. We are excited to celebrate BHM through engaging activities and events planned throughout the month as well as in our programs sneak peak of what's happening is below plus more details to follow.

Our ask for each of you is to:

BE Bold

BE a Leader

BE an Active Participant

BE Courageous

BE Kind

Celebrating important historical achievements

Black Awareness for Kids

Honouring our Black Soldiers

Black Canadians have proudly taken their places on the field of honor; they have assisted in the defense of the nation in wars great and small, in foreign countries, and on Canadian soil. Black Canadians served in the War of 1812, stood firm in the Rebellion of 1837, and defended Canada’s borders against the Fenian invaders in 1866. They served in the two World Wars and in the Korean War; they were and are still there in peacekeeping and peacemaking around the world. They have won glory and they have won honor carrying out their duty as soldiers, sailors, and airmen as brave and patriotic men and women do; they defended their country when needed, did their part to fight tyranny, and contributed to peace around the world. WE WILL REMEMBER THEM! For Blacks, the privileges of wearing the uniform and defending the country in war have often come after fighting and winning other battles, battles against discrimination, and rejection on grounds of race and color. Their sacrifices were and are no less than others, if anything, they were and still are more.

- The Defence Visible Minority Advisory Group, Ottawa written by Zelma Buckley

  • Canadian black soldiers of WW1
  • Quote about the black people who were brave and wanted to fight for their country but were turned away
  • 9 black soldiers in uniform who fought for the right to serve their country
  • 5 soldiers with serious faces stand together as part of the larger group of the only all-black battalion in Canadian military history
  • image of battalion
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  • they fought for freedom
  • ww1
  • Jeremiah Jones
  • Jeremiah in action
  • Rev. William White
  • Henry Thomas Shepherd
  • Three distinguished black Canadian soldiers
  • Black fighter men
  • WW2
  • Being the same
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  • Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
  • Lester Brown and Leonard Austin Braithwaite
  • Evening Times front page story of the Carty Family
  • Black Canadians are proud to have served
  • We Remember