Inclusion Services

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A multi-focus approach is used by the Inclusion Resource Consultant to provide service which may include: consultation to support the individual child’s needs, consultation to promote quality child care environments, and training.


Inclusion Services provides resource consultation to licensed child care centres within the service area designated, and fully funded, by Toronto Children’s Services’ Every Child Belongs Unit.


Supervisors of licensed child care centres in our service area must make referrals for service, individual consultation, program consultation, and/or training, via the Every Child Belongs online portal. In the case of individual consultation, Supervisors must obtain signed parental consent prior to making the online referral.

For more information families can contact our Senior Manager, Inclusion Services Robin Lister at Tel: (416) 281-0262 x 203 or you can email her at

You can also contact the Inclusion Resource Consultant, Shondel Brown at (416) 281-0262 ext: 204 or you can email her at

Inclusion Programs

Our Inclusion Programs have been designed for families and caregivers with children from birth to 12 years of age. These free programs are interactive programs to support families with children of various developmental and/or extra support needs to interact in a safe and friendly environment. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to actively participate in play activities. Participants do not need to have a diagnosis in order to attend these programs.

If you have any questions or would like more information about programs, you can contact our Inclusion Facilitator, Ladan Darabiha, at (437) 328-0817 or

To register, please go to Registration and search Inclusion Programs.

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Inclusion Programs