BGC East Scarborough evolved from an organization established in 1956 as the Scarborough Police Youth Club.

The agency became a Boys Club in 1961 and a Boys & Girls Club in 1978. The Club has been a United Way Member Agency since 1956. Our main site at 100 Galloway Road was created with a great deal of fundraising and assistance from the City of Scarborough. In 2011, to keep up with the demand for space to accommodate the number of participants in Club programs, we added almost 9,000 square feet to the building, including a recording studio, a second floor and a new gym.

Over the years we have evolved from offering primarily recreational programming to utilizing a determined approach towards providing accessible quality social, educational and recreational programming through our Early Years Services, Licensed Child Care Services, Inclusion Services, Children & Early Teen Services, and Youth Services. These programs and services are well supported by the Club’s Finance & Administration Services, Stewardship & Sustainability, Volunteer Services, and Diversity, Equity & Social Impact.

BGC East Scarborough seeks to provide a holistic approach as it supports children, youth and families to pursue healthy lifestyles, personal competency, self-esteem, social and cultural integration and a sense of belonging. As a Club we are members of the BGC Clubs of Greater Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. However, we are autonomous and are incorporated with our own local Board of Directors who are legally accountable for our organization.