Youth Outreach Workers

Youth outreach worker serves hotdogs to teenage boy. A line of teenagers stand behind ready to receive a hotdog also.

A point of contact for marginalized youth who need support.

The Club’s Youth Outreach Workers (YOW) are the community’s resource contact point for marginalized youth (12-21 years) who have not been successfully engaged with school or community organizations. The YOWs mentor, guide, and connect youth with services by building relationships with them within their neighborhoods.

YOW’s Goals:

  1. Engaging youth to identify their needs, strengths and interests
  2. Connecting youth to a full continuum of prevention, early intervention and diversion resources such as employment, education, health/mental health, social/recreation, restorative justice and other services
  3. Working with community resources to create youth development opportunities, identify and address access barriers
  4. Engaging youth and their families with their communities

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