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Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, and Neither was Success

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is pick yourself off the ground when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. But once you do, it’s the first step to building a much brighter future for yourself. Maria, a member of ESBGC for 4 years now, started attending the Raise the Grade Program. Raise the Grade supports young people by tutoring and mentoring them through their studies. Maria’s success stemmed from her commitment to wanting something greater for herself.

When Maria was in grade 7, she was failing. She had no interest in her school work and began to convince herself that this was it for her. One of her biggest concerns was the cost of tutoring, as it can be extremely pricey and unattainable for young people. With the world on her shoulders, Maria leaned to ESBGC for guidance.

“The Club has given me the opportunity to obtain resources such as tutoring that I couldn’t afford or obtain access to. They always provide the necessary resources and space I need to succeed.” – she tells us.

Over time, the staff grew closer to Maria, and they constantly shared conversation around her academic success. As Maria came to the program consistently, from grade 7 to grade 11, she is now an honor roll student. She explains her access to resources through the club supported her development over time. Reliability made it easy for her be dedicated to excelling in school.


As opportunities arose, ESBGC wanted to give Maria the chance to share her experiences to inspire other young people struggling. So far, she was given the chance to attend Boys and Girls Club Canada events where she shared a motivational speech expressing the impact ESBGC and Raise the Grade has had on her life. Most recently, she spoke in front of various board members of the Boys and Girls Club Canada Foundation. When Maria spoke, she organically told a story that brought tears to the eyes of the people in the room. She makes it her responsibility to take advantage of these opportunities that will truly benefit her future.

“I was able to interact with a lot of people who were able to give me advice on how to move forward with my career. In addition to this, I was able to connect with others and learn about what they do and potentially how I can get involved. It was such an honor to speak at the even as … its events like this that will help me go far!” – she said as she shared her thoughts with us about the event.


This year, Maria also attended a once in a lifetime trip to Ghana with the club where she was able to expand her horizon through cultural diversity and international stewardship. She tells us the experience was a life-changing experience that she wouldn’t have traded it for the world. She is so happy she was confident enough to step out of her comfort zone and face so many different fears throughout the trip.

Maria takes full initiative in goal setting and strategic planning when it comes to her success. ESBGC and Raise the Grade were able to help her understand the value in taking pride and effort in her abilities. She worked hard to build herself from the ground up and is now striving to become a cardiologist in her future.