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A Race to Fundraise across BGCES departments

As we continue to push forth our Silent Struggle Campaign, help our Club departments reach their fundraising goal in order for them to win some awesome prizes. Your donation helps us raise awareness on barriers faced by BIPOC individuals and our efforts to raise funds for the Yemoja Village Affordable Housing Initiative. Click here for more information about the campaign.

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Each day, we are faced with young people looking for a solution to life, and every time, they are faced with economic, financial, mental, racial and isolation barriers. Oftentimes, they are faced with the reality of ‘8 steps forward and 10 steps back.’

Help us with the development of our Yemoja Village Campaign. We aim to create 47 new affordable housing units, offering racialized youth a chance at a brighter future. But this is more than just a housing project; it's a beacon of hope, a testament to what communities can achieve when they come together.

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Join us on The Toronto Islands for the Ultimate Experience

Race to Break the Silence, is more than a dynamic scavenger hunt; it's a deep dive into addressing Toronto's housing crisis, fostering team cohesion and corporate social responsibility (CSR) engagement. This event empowers teams to deeply engage with the immediate housing issues in Toronto and the lasting impacts that the Yemoja Project will have on individuals, the community, and the city as a whole. It is an educational journey and a call to action. Join us, register your team, and contribute to a brighter, more inclusive future for our community.

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